Becoming a European Think Tank to serve as a reference for communities of practitioners in the field of wildfire risk.


Collect, promote and offer services and experiences from the exiting networks to the whole European fire community.


Participation is open to communities of practitioners and other European wildfire communities.


EWRN has the purpose to become a network of networks. Linking the existing formal and informal networks and communities of practitioners that own the expert knowledge on wildfire risk. Its goal is to become a European Think Tank to serve as a reference in the field of wildfire. The EWRN is supported by the European Forest Risk Facility coordinating the knowledge on wildfires with the knowledge on other thematic nodes and focal points on forest risks.


  • Network visibility
  • Transfering needs to European Institutions through the European Forest Risk Facility
  • Sharing experiences and lessons learnt in wildfires and other natural risks
  • “Who is who”
  • Reposity of best practices on wildfire
  • Mobility of experts with the aim of exchanging knowledge and experience
  • Harmonization of standards, competences and capacities in the field of fire and landscape management
  • Pursuing the efficient & fluent interaction between practitioners and the research community
  • Share results with tangible evidences


Participation is open to members of all European wildfire communities:

Existing networks

Firefighting associations, project consortium, etc.

Other key actors

Fire and Rescue Services, Forestry services, Civil Protection services, private fire-fighting organisations, fire managers and practitioners, etc.

Indirect involvement in the node

Scientists, policy makers, politicians, journalists, educators, etc.

How to get involved?

We are looking for participants across Europe that would like to become part of this initiative.

Take part of the EWRN management
Host virtual or face-to-face actions
Disseminate content (experiences, project outputs, publications, tools) through the EWRN
Receive news and updates from the communities across Europe
Participate in EWRN’s actions

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